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The general section of the forums is cluttered with stickies; at the time of this posting there are 8 stickies. At that many it becomes nothing more than noise. I propose that there be a new section (or subsection) that is dedicated to news announcements, which currently make up the majority of the stickies in general now. It seems to be a constant back and forth struggle of having all of the news where people can find it and not having the entire first page full of stickies. I think this would solve that issue.


This would be beneficial for more than just cleaning up some space though. It would filter all of the important information into one easily accessible place. It would also mean that devs don't have to clear up any older news posts, since they wouldn't in the way. Even if it's an older post I'd still be able to find it instead of having to dig through the general page (I'm actually not really sure where the old stickies go when their glue has been removed).


While on the subject of subforums I don't feel that the 4 subforums in the General section need to be in one column. Some space could be saved by making it two columns, plus it would make the top look a bit more balanced. :D

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