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Looking for Guild... Republic, adult player, generally not a moron


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Hello all -


I'm new to the SWTOR scene, and interested in finding a Republic guild. A little about me: I'm 32, and a real adult with credit cards and keys and insurance deductibles. I'm also a student, and I live on the east coast - however, classes and work are in the day, leaving nights and weekends open. I'm an old MMORPG fan, having played WoW, proudly yet sadly, since Vanilla. Was in top server-progression guilds in Vanilla WoW and WotLK - real, six-night-a-week-no-life stuff. That's behind me, but I'm interested in joining a guild that either does end-game stuff a night (or a few nights) a week, or plans to. Or a leveling guild, since I'm young. I'm rocking a Commando at the moment, just finished Ord Mantell, so it's a while until I can be of "raiding" use. But if you take lower level characters who are eager to level and be of use to the guild, message, or respond, or whatever.


Oh, and I'm a subscriber. And I know guilds generally "need" tanks and healers, so in the future I can probably be convinced to respec Combat Medic for endgame help, if necessary.


(sorry for double post in General, I -thought- I was in GR forum the first time)

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We are generally looking for non morons. I'll be honest we're way past leveling so you'd not get any real experience with that in our guild. But we do need capable DPS which IMO is the hardest thing to find in this game these days when looking at NiM #s anyway.


We used to raid too much. 6 nights a week sometimes, however we're more 2 to 3 nights a week these days as content has slowed down and summer scheduling has plagued our groups a bit.


If you're still in the market when you hit 50 to 55 hit me up:


Recruitment thread:


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Hi Tom_Hulces_Dog,


I would like to invite you to check out guild. We are a mature causal guild who knows that real life is more important. Check our recruitment thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=653813. And you can check out our website: http://hammerfistclan.com/ . We don't require any time commitment to play, it is about fitting gaming when you can into your life. We do like non-morons. :D


We have various members doing leveling groups throughout the week, so leveling lowbies is always welcome. We also run raids for end of game content, and we have people who play on both Imp and Republic side.


There is a application process to join our guild. It gives you and members a chance to interact (via forum posts) before joining to make sure that both you and the guild think that hammerfist will be a great gaming home for you.


I hope you look at our guild and consider applying.


Good luck in your search!




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