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Armors, lightsaber and more


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Hello, would be good to have more variety and improved armor and lightsaber design. Because commented this? because I'm Llevel 55, mediun armor and there are very few things that I can get. For example lightsaber OFF-HAND, there is none the GTM and less on the packs. They could do a design competition. I have a lot of different types of recommendations and I can not spend on anything.

On the other way, does not seem excessive level you have to be to buy on the seller who was Makeb orbital station (Champion) To be champion in Makeb, practically, have to destroy the entire planet. Then, because this at the entrance if you can not buy? and design of armor you have (I can not buy) is very bad.


I have made many flashpoint and mission (HARD) I have thousands of different recommendations and I can not use them in anything useful for my character, I think the rewards have to improve or have vendors where you can spend. (For example: planetary Commendation)


This is my humble opinion and I hope to improve something that I think is amazing game. Thank you very much and greetings.

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