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Armormech and Snythweaving Shematics (PvP)


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I ran into a guy recently and he gave me credits to make him the Battlemaster Eliminator's Armor set and I want to get more of the PvP/Valor rank sets that I could make in Armormech and Synthweaving. I know the schematics can't be found anywhere in game now except cargo holds :p. I got my first character to 55 recently and I wanted to hope someone still had the schematics so hopefully I could buy them off of you. I am on the NA East server Prophecy of the Five, send a mail message to Vaibla (Republic) or Gealtachta (Imperial). Please I am hoping for any schematics but I would really like the Heavy armor ones and Medium armor ones, if you have light armor ones as well go for it I guess. I hope, if anyone contacts me, that we can work out a reasonable price in game although beware this is my first 55 so I am not rich I am barely sc****** by though. Thank you if you read this and spread word of it and if you contact me I will owe you greatly.
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