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<Select Few>


About Us

Established in November 2012, Select Few had Server First clears of 16m HM TfB and 16m HM S&V. We took a bit of a sabbatical from 16m raiding, but are prepared to return to it full time starting with the next lockout reset.


The name Select Few represents exactly who we are and what we are looking for. We don't ever want to be a "zerg" guild, we strive to achieve a group comprised of the best of the best. Select Few individuals who are committed to excellence in play through a comprehensive knowledge and skill of their classes and roles, as well as an attitude that will mesh with our guild members. Our goal, first and foremost, is to have fun, while achieving results and maintaining a real life first mentality.




We are always recruiting experienced and skilled raiders to join us in Hard/Nightmare Mode Operations. We are interested in recruiting the best progression raiders on the server. We progress quickly and need people who can learn the mechanics of fights just as quickly and contribute to the group's success. Our philosophy is: the better the group, the quicker the clear and the more fun we have doing it. We are more concerned with finding the right people than we are in finding the right class. A good player that fits well with the guild is more important than the “ideal” class.


Our current recruitment needs are:





Before you apply please make sure you meet the following criteria:


● Have raiding experience in S&V HM and TFB HM and a link to a parsed combat log of a full run of at least one raid

● Be in fully augmented/itemized Underworld/Verpine gear or close to it (72’s)

● Have DPS numbers comparable to our current members AND the situational awareness of fight mechanics

● Experience in NIM TfB/S&V is a bonus.


*Operation spots are earned so when we have more than 16 people on for progression raids we will always take the best possible group, regardless of when you joined the guild*

Raid Schedule

16m NiM runs Tuesday and Thursday at 1830 Pacific time. Wednesday and weekends are a mix of Alt/Newer Toon gear-up runs and clean-up/continuance runs. For the most part, we run a tight time window, ending at 2130 Pacific time.



How to Join

If you are interested in joining Select Few, take a look at our Guild Site and fill out an app or get in touch with Boas, Renarin, Sarent, or Lift in-game. All new recruits will go through a trial period for about two weeks or until we have seen you in Operations content and know for sure whether you are a good fit for our guild

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Interested as well. I have many heavy raid experienced characters to fill all roles.

Little rusty on the tanking side, but nothing a little bit of time couldn't fix. Very well with my dps and heals in any other case though :)

Friended all the characters mentioned in the post, so whenever I see you pop on I will go ahead and send a /w and hopefully get further in this process :)

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We run 16m on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have 4 main healers, but one has a bit of an odd schedule, so we're are looking for a reliable body for that spot. As far as DPS, we have a pretty good stable, but are always looking for more. We take the best raiders on any given day, and while we have 5 or 6 that would be hard to unseat, there's good competition for the DPS slots.


Our tanks are pretty well set at the moment, with our two mains and one backup geared for NiM. Folks with tank alts are always a plus, of course, and I'd gladly step back from the backup role in favor of someone better than I.


I didn't realize that I had removed the link to the website in the main post. It's in there now, and here's a link as well.. Hop on over and put up an App and we'll follow up from there.


Sorry for the delay in reply, had some personal stuff to take care of these past few days.

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