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Achievements not popping despite requirements met


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Hello - I know that there is a consolidated thread below but that thread seems more concerned about bugged achievements that are not achievable due to requirements being impossible to be met rather then what i am reporting.


I am meeting the requirements for 2 achievements - Explorer of Makeb and Making the Connections (Makeb). I am aware that making the connections was recently patched to exclude the "Diverted Troops" requirement but what happened was i had lost progress on the "Found Petra Mesa was Stable". So i went ahead and re-did that rquirement and now it shows that all requirements are met but the achievement is not popped or marked as completed.


The same problem with the Explorer of Makeb achievement - i meet all the requirements but it does not pop. This also has another interesting bug though as if i log onto a different toon where i have not even visited makeb, all the progress on the Explorer achievement is lost and when i log back into my main toon that has fully explored Makeb, the progress is fully completed but still no achievement gained. This can be replicated 100% of the time.


Pictures below (also notice i have put a track on it on my achievement bar next to my mini-map which again shows requirements need to be met).


Explorer of Makeb - http://i.imgur.com/3s0SNYw.jpg


Making the Connections - http://i.imgur.com/ACNeqEi.jpg


Also i have contacted CS but they say it is a matter that needs to be reported as a bug so here it is :)


Thanks and if you need any more details please let me know.

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