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Adventures in Drunken Gaming...


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Little story I felt compelled to share, because it had me chuckling last night.


For a little backstory, both my wife and I play SWTOR. I play quite a bit more than she does, but she enjoys the game quite a bit. Has a level 55 Sage pubside, and has been working on her Marauder impside. She however, being a stay-at-home-mom, when she gets her gaming time, she likes to unwind and relax a bit, and tends to drink when she plays.... This usually produces incredibly awesome times, as she is awesome when she's a little buzzed/drunk.


ANYWAY - The last few days of our gaming have gone like this:


Sunday: We log on after the kids go to bed... My wife shows a bottle of wine who is the boss, and we finished her Warrior class story on Corellia, she hits level 50.


Monday: I organize a guild-run of Hard Mode Eternity Vault for her fresh-50 Marauder to get some gear. She finishes the remaining bit of vodka in the bottle of Tito's that's been lingering in our freezer for 2 months... She hits level 51.


Tuesday: We log on, get a guild 4-person team together and hit up the Western Shelf for some open-world PvP.


Wednesday: I had kind of figured that she'd want to take a night off from gaming, so once the kids were in bed, I made both of us a mojito and parked it on the couch to catch up on the couple episodes of Defiance that have been stacking up on the DVR... She says to me "I'd rather go level my imp..." SO we head upstairs, I tell her to get on her ship and travel to Makeb. She picks up the Makeb line, and partway through the first conversation, she turns to me and says:


Wife: I'd really rather work on my class story than do Makeb.

Me: You finished your class story.

Wife: No I didn't.

Me: Yes, you did. On Sunday. Don't you remember? We had to travel to

and fight

and you discovered


Wife: No.... was I drunk?

Me: Evidently, quite.

Wife: Crap... Now I have to go watch the cutscene video, because I have no idea what happened.


So, there's your PSA for the day kids.....

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