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Tank Knight v Tank Consular (PVE and P)


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I generally avoid the forums because they will, in my experience, disrupt my enjoyment of the game. In this instance though I am finding a clear difference between the classes and their performance at 55.


I have two tank and for the heck of it basically specced them identically for equipment. Both focus on Defense then Shield and Power. Both are wearing the 'first tier' of the current pvp gear in a full set. I use this gear both for PvE and PvP for simplicity sake and because I have never focused on making a full set of both types of gear as I have 8+ 50+ characters.


The Guardian Tank pales in comparison tot he Consular Tank in every way. I appear to take more damage, deal out less damage, and have fewer options for general game play. In PvE this is noticeable but in PvP its significantly noticeable.


I'm aware how to play my Guardian Tank and when I hook up with a knowledgeable healer in a WZ I get frequent MVP votes and comments, so I am playing my class well, but by having a comparison of two tank specs I can tell you that the Guardian tank is MUCH less satisfying to play and is frequently much more frustrating to play.


This is exacerbated by the Expertise stat (Which I have choice words for as a game mechanic... its horrible) which is especially noticeable in situation like Open World pvp where everyone is expected to be wearing PVP gear (See Gree Event/Ilum presently running).


The Guardian Tank's inability to create reliable dps combined with a 60% boost to damage for all classes and only a 30% boost to damage mitigation takes the Guardian and puts them in a very poorly performing place. Unlike any other class, the Guardian tank is essentially FORCED to group to be survivable and even then they are a pale shadow of the Shadow.


I'm going to have to experiment and move away from the 'pure tank' spec and using pure tank mods/enhancements etc. But I do not believe it is acceptable that a Pure Tank Shadow behaves in so many ways better and is viable in PvE/PvP where the Guardian Tank is lesser.


Their prior strength (Being able to take loads of damage) is basically obviated by the 60% damage boost in pvp from expertise. I find my Guardian falls the fastest when faced with any DPS class of my 55 Consular, 55 Trooper (Commando/Heal Spec) my 50+ Scoundrel (Heal Spec) etc. (To be honest haven't played my imps for awhile for comparison)


While I believe that allowing players to 'switch up' their 60/30/30 with Expertise bonuses might make a difference (I personally think they should scrap it altogether) I don't think this would happen, mostly because the DPS clases would start whining again about how hard it is to take down Juggernauts and Guardians, but that's the point isn't it? For a class that sacrifices its DPS for defense, shouldn't they be that much harder to kill?


I believe the Guardian Tank is do another test pass from the Devs. I'm not motivated enough to spend all my time and efforts in game to try all sorts of different equipment combinations and specs because I don't have that amount of time or in game resources to buy all the stuff I would need to change things up. But the feel of a pure tank spec guardian is inferior to that of a pure tank spec consular. Encounters on Ilum presently (after the 55 boost) leave my consular at maybe 80% health if he wasn't doing well while my Guardian is frequently at 30% or less in the same exact encounter when he is doing well. He takes longer to do the encounter AND he has fewer options if things go wrong. He can't stealth and hide, he can't run away with speed, he doesn't have the same array of tools and he's doing less DPS.


Again, I suppose I will eventually move him away from pure tank equipment. Retain the tank spec but focus my ods etc towards doing some damage, but I shouldn't have to do this for a tank, especially since it will adversely affect PVE performance even more.


OS, that's my complaint. I am certainly open to other peoples perspectives, their experiences, etc. Just thought I would post now that I have a really recent direct comparison of performance on Ilum between the two 55 tanks in my character portfolio.

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Just wanna make sure I'm getting this right, because this has to be the first time I have heard it this way around. Your saying you take more damage in both PvE and PvP on your Guardian compared to your Shadow?


If so, what kind of PvE are you doing, and what does your typical PvP premade look like? Also are they geared the same?

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I have a 55 Guardian and 55 Shadow. Guardians are great overall damage mitigation tanks. Shadows are great for burst phases but have spiky health at this time.


Shadows are awesome for holding nodes and amazing 1v1 for PVP. Guardians live a long time though and are great for "holding the line" in a sense. Using voidstar as an example If my team dies I can last for a long time prior to my team respawning.


I would like to know your % of shield, defense, absorb and total stats on your guardian as well as your build.


Simple small things are to hit riposte , guardianslash, and bladestorm on cool down for increased damage reducation and threat

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