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I miss everything before 2.0


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when i started playing the game i was quite the noob. i kept skipping side quests and deleting characters. i didnt reach 50 with a character before 4 or 5 months of playing(it was a sentinel). i got my tionese armor and had just learned how to use group finder. i was queing for HM level 50. only got 1 piece of columi and 1 piece of exotech armor. so i started a juggernaut. it went SO smoothly. i got too 50 in about 1 month. it was epic. so the night i hit 50 i got 3 pieces of columi. felt really good. then i started an assassin. got her too 50 in about 1 week. only because of 2 double exp weekends. that was the last 50 i got before 2.0. after that getting level 50 chars went really slow. about 2 days ago i watched a video about a level 54 marauder who was walking around in rakata. so i started watching his series. (this is before 2.0)when he got to 50 he went to section X to get HK. i miss how it was back then. so easy to get armor. you just had to pick up a quest and there you had it. i wish i had much more time playing through more characters to 50. getting rakata gear. i just wasnt completely ready for the expansion to come. the expansion is fine it salf but that they took away T/C/R gear and raised the levels to 55 i did not like. i wish there were some way to get all that back to the game.
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Opinions vary. While I miss getting free Tionese gear at 50 (I have three that have it), the change to planetary commendations has been a boon for me, so far as leveling goes. I can take any of my 50 (or better) toons and solo the heroics on any of the planets up to Hoth pretty rapidly, and spend the comms I get on armor and mods for my alts, and mail them what they need. And this works cross faction, too.


Having a character with specs as good as you can get for their level makes all the missions go well, and faster. Combine that with rested-XP and you can be over-level all the way through to 50. At 50 you can continue the strategy to get the comms you need for the purple MakeB vendor armoring.


At that point, you have a reasonably well geared toon to run end game content with. All told, I have had a lot easier time leveling toons since 2.0 came out. Some I leveled did have the advantage of some double-XP weekends, but some had none of that and it went well.


I am sure there are others that have different opinions, and not every change since 2.0 rates a positive for me, but the switch to planetary commendations far outweighs those.

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Yeah, its really hard now...


*goes and buys adaptive armour off the GTN*


You really have to work hard for your armour after 2.0 you know...


*buys a full set of lvl 50 mods with planetary comms*


It was better when you got everything for free when you dinged lvl 50 you know?


*plays some dailies to get basic comms*


Nowadays its just so hard...


*buys better mods for basic comms*


Its pretty tiring...

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