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(Empire) Universal Soldiers recruiting.


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The Universal Soldiers is a casual progression English speaking guild looking to bolster our ranks with like minded people.


We are a multinational guild mostly PVE oriented with the occasional PVP event here and there looking to continue our progress in current level 55 hard mode operations.

We are friendly, mature and try to hold to a casual approach to ops, doing at least 2 raiding nights a week.


We regularly do operations, flashpoints, WBs and to some extent PVP content and offer you a friendly, experienced crowd, guild bank, weekly repairs and a TS server.


We are currently recruiting all classes and roles with a minimum age of 18. At the moment we need more DPS but we will not turn down good tanks and healers either.


If you are willing to join us check unisol.guild.portal or whisper Sigett, Linebreaker and me - Ishkander or ask for any officers online for an invite.


See you in game.


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