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[Rep] <Cry More> is recruiting for PvP with PvE on the side


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Hello everyone, <Cry More> is seeking active and social PvP oriented individuals who like to laugh, talk, have fun and most importantly... PvP. We are looking to do both casual and Ranked PvP as well as set up groups for Arena teams. We use Mumble for voice chat and encourage social fun.


We are still in the building process, and welcome all levels, classes, and time zones. (Let's be honest, PvP is about the fun of the game and can be fun at all levels.) We also welcome everyone from casual to "Pro"


As far as PvE goes, we will run OPS together but it will not be hardcore raiding "be here or DIE" by any means. If we decide to get a group together on the side, great.. but our focus is PvP.


:rak_02:The only requirement that I ask of people is please be respectful to guild members and non guild members alike. Especially to guild members, if you see someone is having trouble try to assist them any way you can. Do not just insult them.



For more information, or to join. Please message Dia'Gida or Xenobia for an invite.:D

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