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Seeking APAC guild for character transfer


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I've just come back, having not played for a few months and have also just moved to Australia!


Currently on the Red Eclipse, my European guild is pretty much useless for me now as our time frames are too incompatible and hence I am looking to transfer my characters over here.


I've missed a lot it seems, but I was playing up to Jan this year and have following characters:



- Healer, Level 50, Sorcerer

- DPS, Level 50, Marauder



- Tank, Level 50, Guardian


Also a few others like Assassin, Commando etc that are around Level 30 - 40 at the mo


All Level 50's are at least BH geared.


Looking for a social and raiding guild (obviously need to level my 50's up and gear up again) but also somewhere relaxed as I work reasonable hours and being in Australia am trying to make the most of it!


Thanks for reading

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Hello :)


Corvus/Korvus is a PvE and PvP focused casual, social APAC guild and we are always happy to welcome new members into our guild.


Check out our recruitment thread http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=647591 for more information about our guild and contact details.


Happy guild hunting and hope you are enjoying your time in Australia. :)


- Xami Officer of Corvus/Korvus

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