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Pod-Racing ( this must be added in , to stop the game dying)


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As title says

If this is added, you will get a huge spike in people playing.


Few things though


1. no rails like space combat, i doubt anyone still does space.

2. make a seperate world (server) , allow players to race each other, make wagers, on tracks that are NOT ON RAILS.

3.Allow upgradable pods, also have weekly/monthly tournies with prizes, ie: upgrade for pods, stuff noone has, i am sure you could think of something.

4.have pod hangers, that have vendors in them, for cartel + credits, be able to create your pod in hanger, and it chages with adds ons, etc....



This game is dying as all games do, bar that childish crud WOW.


You will crush all competitors, if things like this start to get added into the game, even hinting that its in the worrks will bring alot of people back to the game.


If i was employed , and part of the SWTOR team, i would be pushing for this extremely hard.


14 years ago i played a game called pod racer, could lan and race your friends, that was 14 years ago. I am sure that its achievable now.



Anyway, this is coming from a player who has played most mmorpg's, i dont want swtor to die like war.


Just hope the devs listen , or even read this post.

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Pod racing, one of the worst things SW has done (imho). But, lets go with your thought that it would bring masses of people here...where is your data? You're asking the dev team, to basically stop all development of PvP, PvE, and the SSSP, to implement a totally new feature, with totally new mechanics, on a brand new server, if not more than one server.


You're asking the dev team to stop development on SW:TOR, to make another game...that you could access from SW:TOR...do you not see how that is illogical?


Edit: Might be better to ask about Swoop racing. Which would be on rails, much more easily addable (I believe, someone who knows more about their engine and game development, please correct me if I'm wrong...and realize I use the word easily very loosely), is part of the lore with KOTOR, and people have already expressed a desire for.

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One a smaller scale... A race track and weekly race in tatooine would not be a bad idea.


Wow has the weekly fishing tournaments and they always draw a decent little crowd. There really is some beautiful scenery in this game, would be nice to have more reasons to enjoy it.

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This game needs a lot more than Pod-Racing to stop it from dying.


Pod-Racing will just be on rails like space..and will get old (though probably not as fast as space I'll admit)


so yah....


The thing with pod-racing that would be different than space:

1) multiplayer

2) could be done "off rails" without the massive size that it would take to do space "off rails"


I'm not as convinced on this as I am on Sabaac, which would be multiplayer and much easier to code, but I think both would help immediately and also 5 years from now as I don't think they'd ever go out of style.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, I did ask this at one of the cantina tours, so in the near future it is not in the works. Our guild did sponsor a speeder race on Tatooine back around 1.2. The problem is the server was barely able to handle the load and was told it nearly crashed it. I forget how many people we had in the race, but it was so many that even with graphics turned way down, the lag was horrendous. If you were in the lead and looked back the screen froze for a few seconds trying to update all the info. Guess it was one way to make it more of a challenge.


I do remember playing the original pod racing game and did enjoy it, but I think they would have to use a totally different game engine to make is work.

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1: the game isnt dying.

2: just because YOU like pod racing, it doesnt mean that everyone else does too.

3: anyone who bought this game in the hopes that there would one day be podracing needs to get their creditcard removed.


I wouldn't mind swoop races imo. But I would hope before they do racing games they would make a sandbox for open space flight.

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Pod racing - no


This was introduced to Star Wars Galaxies because a few very vocal people said it was essential. A course was laid out and mechanics to track times.


It was a flop - and that was before the massive changes to combat and skills which drove many away from the game.


Better instead to spend valuable development time on fixing things which impact all users and putting in new and interesting value adding content which is not just aimed at the top levels.

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