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Piratelords IMP recruiting new members


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Guild Name: Piratelords

Server Name: Prophecy of the Five

Website URL: http://thepiratelords.enjin.com/swtor


Server type: PvP


TFB SM 5/5

SnV SM 7/7

TFB HM 2/5

SnV 1/7 HM


Raid Nights:

Tuesday 8 pm est

Wednesday 16 man 8 pm est



We use Teamspeak 3 as our primary voice communication.

We want to help people get the top gear in the game whether it is pvping, flashpoints, dailies or Ops. Most of our members help out other guild members that need to get geared up for Ops.

We are looking for people to fill our 8 man second op group and eventually build up to 16 man TFB and S&V.

For more info. in game contact Raistliñ, Tïka, Carir, Karir, Blazn, Helloise, Obsane or any other member.




As we fill certain roles it will obviously stop our recruitment of other classes playing the same role. We need healers to help fill op spots.

Apply Here

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