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Just Returned to SWTOR


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Just wanted to say to the development team that I am enjoying some of the recent changes made since I last played SWTOR. I am loving the new hairstyles, (well mostly the long hairstyle.) I have already used it with two of my characters. The makeover salon on the fleet is a welcome sight, thanks so much!!!


Making a character and then seeing the character in motion can give you second thoughts on many decisions made. I was so glad to get rid of the very bad tan choice and the weird lips that I have previously been putting up with.


I would DEFINITELY love to see more long and girly hairstyles added and I personally don't mind paying to unlock these. Hair colours too, if the engine can support a more detailed palette. (Check out GW2 hairstyles and colours)


Another great improvement is the dyes, while I haven't used them yet as my new character is still young and poor, I am looking forward to making and buying them. Yay choices!!!


I am hoping that maybe your armour designer could facilitate more robe designs? I know people like keeping with the 'ambient' of star wars but I do miss having girly looking gear.


I have to be honest; once the novelty of the great story lines wear off, the aesthetics are greatly important to me as a player. I really love character customisation in an mmo.


I really like having the little pet but would like to be able to name him/her and interact with it in some way, the idea that the pet could have some use or function really appeals to me also. This is another item Id be happy to buy in the item shop :)


That's all for now. Thank you for reading! :D

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