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Most efficient Operative (Lethality) DPS Rotation?


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My typical rotation (assuming starting at 30m then running toward target, as per typical raid): Corrosive Grenade > Corrosive Dart > Frag Grenade (unless I risk breaking CC) > Weakening Blast > Shiv > Backstab > Cull > repeat, depending on whether or not Fatality procs, plus maintaining poison effects.


Is anything wrong with my rotation? Not sure what I can do to eke out a bit more DPS. I'm fully 69-level gear (with 66-level augments) or better, but I struggling to hit the 2000 DPS benchmark for Terror From Beyond Hard Mode.


I should be able to pull my own weight in a raid, but I find I'm over-relying on the better DPSers during certain fights (such as Operator IX).


Also, if anyone has any links to the min/max stat spread for Lethality Operatives I would be very grateful. I have the feeling I'm stacking a bit too much crit (I do need SOME crit for energy regeneration) and not enough power. Surge and accuracy (almost 110% tech accuracy) I have plenty of.


Also, is alacrity at all useful for the global CD reduction for DPS? I get the feeling that alacrity is a wasted stat for me since I usually don't have energy management issues with my current rotation, and I hardly notice the global CD change.


Thanks a lot.



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There is an existing thread on the subject http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=661550


Since most of your damage will come from Cull + weakening blast damage, I can't think of any reason to throw fillers in between the two, other than shiv for TA.


Well, Weakening Blast has a 15s CD, and Shiv is a 6s cooldown. Not long at all, but also not very short. Since they changed Stim Boost to give you TA, that helps me put out more Culls, but it's a very long CD (1.5 min I think with my build).


Thanks for the link. My previous searches were full of junk threads.

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I'm actually pondering a 23/0/23 spec and, if I'm looking at it right, you won't ever need fillers. Pop enough Kolto Probes on group/raid members and you get a never-ending supply of TA so you can just spam Cull. If you run low on energy, use your default blast (not Shiv).


The disadvantage is, your DPS is less than optimal. The advantage is, at least in theory (I'm going to test it tonight) your ability to DPS AND Heal will make you more valuable in groups and raids (unless you keep dying due to enrage timers being hit).

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