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Empire <Imperium> Recruiting for NiM ops and social


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<Imperium> Are recruiting 3 Dps (2.5k dps minimum on ops dummy) for a fixed spot in our 16m progression team. we are 5/5 DF HM and DP HM 8m and are hoping to expand into a 16m group, but are not quite there with members yet. We use Mumble and Parsec and raid progression 4 times a week. If your interested check out our website or send an inbox or tell to Lee'la , Terrorstorm , Whiskers or Excypher.





Alternatively if you think your raid group would be interested in teaming up with us for the secret bosses of TFB and S&V.

Get in touch

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We are looking for new and friendly members. We run 3 Ops groups and a weekly 16m night. Progression is 4/5 DF and 1/5 DP NiM. We take part in PvP and also do secret bosses from time to time.


8m Annihilator ops group are recruiting a NiM ready Mara or Merc healer

8m Executioner ops group searching for a NiM ready Sin Tank

8m Reaper ops group are recruiting a HM ready Tank and DPS


We raid 10 times a week over 6 days (8.30pm -11.30pm and 7.45-10.45pm GMT) and do weekly 16m NiM ops runs for secret bosses and such



We use Mumble and Parsec.

Whether you are experienced or want to learn ops you are welcome.


Post an application on


Or whisper Ashraen, Evoulper, Terrorstorm or Excypher in game

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