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The Underworld Alliance 8-man Raiding Guild (The Ebon Hawk)


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We are looking to expand our progression team to allow ourselves more variety and availability from players. We currently have a 7 man group (we just lost a melee dps) who have been running together for a long time. We want to expand our team to include 12 players. We currently have all HM content cleared and on farm and are working on Dred Guards in NiM TFB (we have however skipped and downed OP 9 consistently). We raid Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9 PM est.


What we need are geared (nearly full min/maxed 72 gear or better), high caliber players who have cleared HM TFB and HM S&V and ideally have run some of the content on NiM. We would accept all three roles, but we are mainly looking for good dps that do enough to meet requirements for enrage timers. Our current tanks would rather be dpsing, however, and are extremely good at it, so a couple exceptional tanks would be quite nice ;-) Tanks need to be able to hold aggro, have proper stat weights, quick reactions, know when to use cool downs, and have very good awareness and placement on bosses. Healers need to not only know their class and manage their resources well, but need to be raid aware and have quick and proper reactions to mechanics. Any potential recruits will be asked to accompany us on a trial run and provide parses (dps only). We use and require mumble. Microphones are also required (communication is important!)


What we are offering is an alternate spot that could potentially be a main spot on our raid group, depending upon performance. We want to be able to have ideal group composition for each boss as we progress, or have people available if one person cannot attend. Basically, we will sub players out depending on requirements for individual bosses.We are looking to fill our regular melee dps spot as well. For this spot, we need someone parsing at 3000 dps or better.


UWA currently has 4 ops groups. We are recruiting specifically for our main progression team, "blue team". We have much to offer as a guild, good people, guild events including pvp tourneys and auctions, alt runs of HM ops, and random SM or classic ops going on at all hours... just to name a few. Please visit our website (Underworld-Alliance.com) for more info. Contact Farius, Loggus, or Sedna if you are interested in joining our progression team. Thank you!

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