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Drakkur's Comprehensive Crew Skill and Profit Calc. Spreadsheet


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Hi all!

So I'm typically a hardcore pvper, but my IRL job is as a pricing analyst (also working on my MA in Econ). So as a hobby I decided to make a spreadsheet for this game, something I do for my managers at work and personal use.


The goals of this spreadsheet are to have complete information regarding crafted items and missions that you can run with teir respective returns.


What it Currently has:

A companion page that you can select any class, auto populates their companions, their respective skill bonuses. Also you can input their affection and it will calculate based on the difficulty of the mission the expected critical rate as a percent.

There is a page for expected unit returns for missions (basically using the data mined information from other people to calculate the expected value of various missions based on the inputs of the user. That expect return is then used to calculate the net profit of a specific mission or opportunity cost if you are crafting. This page is only populated with slicing and bioanalysis missions, my goal is to have every rich and bountiful mission in the game along with crafting materials missions.

There are multiple pricing pages, this is where you input the current minimum prices for various stack sizes from the GTN to calculate the daily market unit price. These are used to calculate the total cost of crafted goods, opportunity cost and revenue for missions/harvesting.

There are multiple pages for each item category for tracking net profit for crafted items. So you would select and implant form the drop down menu, input the price you sold it at and it will generate the net profit after GTN commission, this will not include opportunity cost because that varies between each players based on selected skills.

There will be an analysis page that shows you trends in market prices, trends in your profit, and other visual/graphic tools to help you generate more income.


What I would like from you. Since I only have 2 characters with max level professions, so a total is 5 different skills maxed out (Cyber Scav Biochem Bioanalysis and Underworld Trading). I've been trying to find comprehensive mission lists and their returns but doesn't seem to exist. SO if there is a mission you want tracked I would need you to Write the name of the mission down, it's respective Crew Skill, the regular returns of tht mission and the critical returns of that mission (including epics).

This goes the same for crafted items, I need the item name, crew skill, and materials required.



This is due to a list referencing issue between 2010 and other versions of excel. When I'm done I may one day spend the time to make it backward compatible but we will see.


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