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This quite long guide is adapted and has evolved over many years of playing in roleplayed environments on and off-line. Happy to receive all your thoughts on it., but trust me they will really help you enjoy your game if you use them.


As has been rightly mentioned before, there are all different flavours of roleplay, light, heavy, example-setting, hardcore, social etc. We all know what we mean by roleplay and some roleplay primers for beginners are out there even for SWTOR. Specific faction roleplay guides are also out there which are great.


This guide is for people who may have roleplayed before online or in Pen and Paper, for those people I think this might prove useful.


Most importantly it will help to avoid dramas, set expectations, and hopefully give you a refreshing and perhaps a new-look at roleplaying.


These words are all my own, so if anyone wants to reproduce them in part or in full that's fine, but drop me a line letting me know you are just so I can feel appreciated.


See you in-character...



Serious about Consequences:-


- In a roleplay server, influence is not just through levelling, PVP achievements or your gear. In the world generated by the other roleplayers and the resources and influence they command, the world is a limitless one, you will not have to spend your whole time having your character having to speak to certain generated NPC's to find quests, deliver items or gather resources from far off planets to satisfy an arbitrary task that doesn't quite seem right for your character to follow.

- Choices in a roleplayed encounter moderated by experienced players or as I like to call them “Player Guides” wont be limited by the four answers to click on during conversation, your character and the way they express themselves will not only see the consequences of their actions they will be long remembered by those who witness them. Some of these folk will be your guild’s characters with their own motivations and personalities and others will be those that form the guilds and independent players of the lands.

- Great tales may be told in front of large audiences, great incursions into enemy space are possible and and months of crafting brings incredible items into play to the will of the creator and their associates.

All your characters actions will have consequences in a roleplay server, near-death expriences are felt more strongly however you choose to “narrowly avoid it” and folk have very long memories.



Roleplay Advice


1 -"Roleplay by thought, word and deed"


Thought - While logged into the server remember to remain in-character. Remember any personality or background you have decided upon for your character, and think about their motivations no matter what their attributes are. Dark and Light-Side alignments and character choices and advanced specialisations are there for a reason, to make your character unique and to show the other players your characters place in the world. Embrace your talent trees and make them part of your roleplay style, they are more than just sources of game-engine power.


Word - Roleplay by example. Set the standard and make the effort that you would like to see. Remember that all players differ in their experience of the game, setting and roleplaying in general. They may have come to the server curious from another one where roleplaying was only an afterthought. If a player asks an out-of-character question, please reply back to them privately or take them to online chat or offline to assist them. Take the time to guide them with compassion and patience if you feel able to, even if your character is neither compassionate or patient.


Deed - The smallest action can be world-shaking in its effects. Roleplaying your characters movement and physical nature in the game is how players can improve upon the limitations of the SWTOR engine, by describing in their "text" the actions their characters are taking.



2 - The differences between Character and the Game-Engine:-


- Your character is not the sum total of the talents, statistics, crafts and abilities of the game engine. Your character is far more than this. Remember it well.


- Remember always that you should take careful account of the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Prospective leaders of armies will find that battle wounds wont affect their ability to lead once their reputation is built up through long campaigning but that in some societies those who are not the brightest and most charismatic rarely reach positions of influence. To this end, if you act “simply” “crudely” or “sophisticated” try to keep it up, people will remember your character well.


- While many characters enjoy and have reasons for fighting and travelling throughout the worlds, some groups or individuals which repeatedly move across the land in such a way as to maximise, powerlevel or whatever you want to call it their characters rewards/xp. Often characters will remain in an area, ignoring roleplay of other characters, only conversing in a way to coordinate maximisation of reward, or repeatedly engaging in actions to increase character experience and power as rapidly as possible. (You might find that this is ok for you as a roleplayer, but the quality and memorable experiences gained in your characters path through roleplay will mean your character will not just be another level 50 in a few weeks or months time.



3 - "All characters are created equal but they dont stay that way"


Many roleplayed characters will over the course of time endure great adversity, achieve titles and PVP notoriety, and may well have influence, posessions and abilities above and beyond what your character is able to call upon. This is something a roleplayed character will see. Learn to accept the differences between yours and other characters. Don't worry about completing every quest, just because others have done so, choose those which are imporatant to you - refusing quests are options there to be used, and discussed with your roleplaying companions. There are many paths to advancement, subtle and significant avenues for influence on the world are there for the taking for a roleplayed character with friends.



4 - "The world is one of unexpected places and happenings"


Any server where roleplaying takes place has many opportunities for your character to encounter the most unpleasant aspects or the most amusing, adult or emotionally draining subjects. By playing you are expected to realise that the world your character lives in may change at any time. The server is considered “TEEN” and its themes are best suited for those of adult age in terms of complexity, content and presentation. Fundamentally if you are playing on any server, you agree to take sole responsibility ultimately for your own and your characters safety. Most importantly though, if you are uncomfortable with any “roleplay” excuse yourself, noone should be permitted to force any action through “emotes or roleplay” so excuse yourself from anything which is uncomfortable without abusing that right. That includes godmodding, and other actions which might take place in a non-engine moderated setting. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/defin...=god%20modding).



5- "Engagement with the lore of the star wars universe"


We also acknowledge that roleplaying games, can be addictive to many players, and players are advised to remember this when dealing with each other or the admins of the forums or server out of character. While players are not all expected to have a thick-skin, we expect all players on the forum and the server to be aware of the effects your comments can have. If you feel overly concerned with the nature of your engagement with the world, take a step back, and re-evaluate yourself in the light of day.



6 - "Roleplayers should be a community where we respect each other in equal measure"


We are a community of players, developers, and ultimately commercial companies in SWTOR and we are all here to enjoy ourselves and to see others enjoy themselves. As such those who disrupt, engage in or find rather too many excuses to harass, abuse or cause misery to other members of the community are should not be made welcome.

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Another update for you all, thanks for the comments so far.

Now i've played the game for what seems like a long while now, I therefore present the following, in the hope that it may serve you well.


Roleplay Advice Specific to SWTOR.


At the time of writing we don’t have “chat bubbles” over characters heads, so how do you get the attention of someone who your character wants to say something to which is concerning the game rather than concerning -your- life.


1 - Get their attention!

Assuming you have a reasonably appropirate star-wars name, and you think the character might be into some interaction, target the character and type /em <Type some text here> will result in that orange text you get when you point / or use the social menu when targeting them.


2 - Give roleplaying a go!

If it doesn’t quite have the effect you intended, try again on someone else.

If you do find someone your character gets along with, add them to your friends list and remind yourself that your list is for those people that like to RP.


3 - Find the community

On some RP, PVE-RP, and PVP-RP servers there are chat channels devoted to people who like to roleplay. Ask in general chat, or wait to be invited by someone you are roleplaying with. Typically these channels are called "RP" so "/cjoin RP" will usually get you there.


3 - Act the way your character -would- act.

You don’t see characters in the starwars movies bouncing down the stairs with a jump or leaping over vendors or their companions. So if you want to portray some class to your character, as lets face it chracters in SWTOR do look good then act like it.


4 - Walking looks good for Light or Dark side

Walking animations in SWTOR look menacing, calm, appealing or determined. Whatever vibe you want your character to give off, walking does the job. By default its on your numeric keypad as “ / ”. It has a great effect when roleplaying, gathered in a group or a guild even when walking around marketplaces. We all run most of the time, and use the speeder for long travelling, but consider walking to add that bit of atmosphere sometimes.


5 - Keep track of the conversation.

Select the “Say” chat channel before you start talking, else you will inevitably will say something in the “Party”, “Guild” or more likely “General” channel. If there is a lot of General chat flying around, you can make a new chat TAB and restrict that one to “Say” only so you can keep note of what was said by whom in a converstion.


6 - Not all companions are the same.

In SWTOR, people enjoy the presence of a companion while on the fleet and while adventuring. If you are a story based player, or roleplayer you might wonder why so many of them look alike. Sure “all twi-leks look alike to me” is a fair comment, but if you want to introduce your companion, or you are explaining why they are there are they really all called the same name? For non roleplayers this might take some explaining, but think up an origianl name for your companion. It shows some real class to do so.


7 - Your character isn’t the chosen one.

Sure the storyline is largely a solo affair, with your companions all calling you “boss” in one way or another, and you are the chosen, saviour, special powers, commander of all known space etc. In a world where you are a “Character” in a world with many others, not just a load of players with avatars have a think about what your character is up to, if someone asks you in-character. We aren’t all servants of the same Darth, General, Spymaster etc. Perhaps you are assigned to space duty and you are on leave, perhaps you are assinged to Tatooine to hold back the tide of the enemy, whatever takes your fancy.


8 - Teams are everything.

One for any player really, but roleplayers too. Some of the characters as you have noticed start in the same worlds, and work well as teams. Creating a character with a friend or relative will always give you someone to roleplay with. Quests also work well with certain character combinations, or even the same standard class if you enable the option to join same class quest instances in preferences.

Characters that go well together for quests, are as follows:

These are all in the same areas at about the same time for similar levels. You can also get to see their cutscenes and enjoy the voiceacting of a class you might not ever play, without having to role a new character to see it.


Sith Warrior / Sith Inquisitor

Bounty Hunter / Imperial Agent

Trooper / Smuggler

Jedi Knight / Jedi Consular


9 - Choose your environment

How do you roleplay in an environment, with speeders flying around fleet, or with gunfire fx going off on the fleet?

Simple answers, - roleplay that gunfire FX in fleet is just “Pretty Lights”, pretend that agent or mercenary is just putting on a light show with their technology. Alternatively ignore it, they are just trying to say “look at me look at me pleaseeee”.

Pick somewhere where roleplayers may hang out - Cantinas, often the small ones off-planet have roleplayers chilling out


10 - Run “Events”.

In pen and paper events, you have a Dungeon Master / Games Master, who runs unique unscripted storylines for your characters. In MMO’s we don’t have that, and not in SWTOR.

So what can you do. Easy. Run some events for some players that you know or just strangers yourself. Pick any character you like and follow some of the guidance in this thread to achieve almost anything.


- Personally in our group we have created an entire set of low level blue synthweaving armour for a great roleplayer we found on Korriban. We have run a semi in-character new years eve party this year in the fleet cantina, and an event when some random players on a low-mid level planet were “Called to a location to receive a briefing from a sithlord”, and those who came and roleplayed got the cream of the items just picked up for their level given to them.


What can you do????

Take people on a trip in your starship somewhere they haven’t been before, perhaps to find some rare lost artifacts or to help fight on the frontline?

Mentor some characters and teach them some fighting techniques?

Equip some chraracters you are roleplaying alongside with some gear you just found apprpriate to their level, help them through a flashpoint and be there when they get some gear (appropriately selected, and being gracious enough to pass on anything that person -really- needs).

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This thread makes me want to make a Sith Warrior named FooFoo so I can eventually be Darth FooFoo....


These threads are what give roleplayers bad names...

How in any way, shape, or form is this giving RPers a bad name?


He wrote a long constructive and helpful post, and somehow that makes him look bad?



At any rate, good guide.

I've been debating on rolling a toon on a RP server to try it out, but never really had much guidelines.

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I used to roleplay on a forum site a while back, I used it to strengthen my creative writing skills. Or at least that's what I was trying to do. xD I've debated roleplaying in a game, but most of my friends are the type to say, "LOL you gonna head to Goldshire and leave us here then?"

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