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I'm sure it wouldn't be easy but its something I would love to see


I'm looking for a game pad option in a future update. this is something that could make playing for new players a lot easier to understand. and lets face it lazier is always better lol not bashing people who like the keyboard mouse layout because honestly I don't mind it. its the simple things in life that make keyboard and mouse just a little harder to do when you have kids..... I've tried applying my own game pad profile to the game and its just not the same as if you guys did it. I'm not pro at making layouts so its a lot trickier than one would expect. anyhoot who knows maybe this is something we can look for in the future.


thanks for taking the time to read,


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I'm sorry but no. Lazier is not easier to understand and because this game is pc exclusive I see no real reason why they should add gamepad support. Also there is a real danger that if there was support people would make their own macro which is against the TOS.


If however the game had a console component then maybe but not now in its current form.

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Just fiddle around with it.

Mine, using ps3 with motioninjoy.


X square triangle circle, number 1 - 4.

D-pad down left up right, number 5 - 8.

L1 tab (cycle targets).

R1 space bar.

L2 R2 Q and E.

Left stick up and down W and S.

Right stick left and right A and D.

Select M.

Start I.

Ps3 button Esc.

L3 Quick slot 1, R3 jump to quick slot 2.


I use retro modified put primary abilities on quick bar 1, then stuff like interrupt, vent heat, stuff with cool downs on row 2, now and then use stuff like Guard, the hutt holostatue, and buff on bar 3, I have bar 4 with other such things, bar 2 and 4 I just use key bindings.

I get by with that fine, the simple thing is no matter what you do you will still need to use your board and mouse as MMO have too many abilities and stuff.

Fact is there are not going to be many people wanting this, and too many tards abusing people who want to play this way, I understand you though, I first played games on atari, amega, mega drive, psx ps2 ps3 and I just do not feel in control with a keyboard especially walking.

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