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LF a solid PvP jugg tank guide


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I am in need of a solid Jugg Tank guide for PvP that is after 2.0 or someone who is willing to answer some questions. I have been tanking for awhile now in PVP and feel like I am a pretty solid tank now with a PR of 680k prot in one match. My questions though are all about gear. At the moment I have 2 sets one full tank set and one DPS with END mods. Here are my questions

- How do you min/max a tank? what mods are you upgrading to?

- I have 2 sets one DPS for offensive attack where time is important but they still have END mods. Is this smart?

-If you know of a awesome updated Jugg tank guide can you post it. I love reading more about the class and the more I understand the more I can teach to people I play with.

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