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Basic PvP Question for Sith Assassin


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So I got my assassin to 55 finally and I just had a couple questions PvP wise. Also I would like to point out that I understand that every spec to any extent can be dependent on how you like to play, but with SWTOR sometimes it seems there is a meta for different environments (IE PvE environment, PvP etc). So after doing some research I see some people go a hybrid spec after 2.0 going partially down the darkness tree and some down madness? They seem to buy the DPS gear with that spec. More or less I'm just trying to get an idea before I use up all my pent up comms on survivors gear whereas in a meta it would have been more wise to buy stalkers etc. Thanks!


EDIT: I just realized there is a sub-category for each advanced class. I just re-posted in there although I cannot seem to delete this thread. Apologies :o

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