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Looking for a PVE focus Guild


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I am looking for a guild that is focused on PVE and HM SV and TFB progression, or a guild that just wants to round out their roster and doing progression on NIM mode. I dont have a preference for whether it is 8 man or 16 man, however, I am seeking a home with a group of people that will not shelf active reliable players in favor of running their core 8 man crew and pug another friend if one of the 8 people dont show for a raid.


My character is a 55 scoundrel on the republic side who is finishing up his SM SV and TFB gear. I am very familiar with HM strategies and have been a raider for over 10 years in every game worth playing. I have been part of servers firsts, been a part of top tier guilds in wow, eq, and rift, and consider myself a serious raider.


I don't make stupid mistakes, I listen and take criticism well. My only requirement is that I want to raid rather than twiddling my thumbs on the fleet hoping for a spot in a raid. Currently I am forced to PUG OP groups, and although that is fine, I rather run content with a guild rather than force myself to endure through a PUG that in most cases, never finishes a OP in one night.


I have the following toons available:

55 Scoundrel - in full 66s with some 69s

55 Sorcerer - in full 69s and some 72s

55 Marauder - in full 69s


The home can be either on the republic or imperial side. Please leave a msg here or contact Sobiru if you are interested in a player like me. Thank you.

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We're still filling out our OPS 2 group which right now is like 4 ppl with OPs 1 bastarding alts in. (we all kinda have 4+ pub alts)


If you'd be interested in Static raiding on Thursdays (Ops 2 night until we get full 8 folk in on their own) and Wednesday / Friday / Sunday / Monday are usually Catalina wine mixer nights for us.... Aka we run whatever with whomever is on or posts on our forums.


Regardless We raid a lot. Right now we're reconstructing our "main" Prog group composition to actually give DG a run in NM TFB as we had no sage heals and 2 melee which doesn't work in that fight. (Mathematically impossible I believe? )


If you wanna give us a whirl let me know, I believe we'll be taking another DPS / Tank on a run this weekend if you want in on that. Perhaps Sunday night?


This tends to be how our Raids go:


That's right when we came back for 2.0


First HM SV clear:


Our NM TFB 1/5:

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Very interested in your talents. We are currently looking for a DPS or HEALER. Let me copy/paste our recruitment advertisement. Feel free to message me on our Enjin website.


Recruitment Info:


The Chandrian (Imperial) is currently recruiting for Nim-level skilled players. The Chandrian is a 16-man guild focused on high-end PvE progression. We are currently working on TFB Nim Dreadguards. Our raid positions are competitive so if you think you have what it takes and wish to do the hardest content in game with highly skilled players, apply today.


We are looking for raiders that can consistently show up on time and are highly knowledgeable of their class. This is not a casual guild. You are expected to know the ends and outs of almost everything we get into as well as do research on your own. Your spot will be taken if you fall behind. Our guild consists of around 20-22 consistent raiders at any given time. This enables the same players to play with one another every time.


Raid Schedule: Mon, Tues, & Wed: 8pm – 11pm Eastern


Website: http://thechandrianswtor.enjin.com


If you have any questions, please feel free to message Bawoni in-game or on our website.

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