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LF pve guild. active in morning/daytime


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LF a pve guild that does group content in the mornings and during the day because that is when i play. i am usually busy with family in the evenings and at night.


i have a 55 sin dps -30k hp full 66's and augmented. gonna get a second set of gear for tanking soon.


55 mara full 66's will be augmented soon. 28k hp


55 sniper full 66's will be augmented soon. 27k hp


55 merc healer only wearing the lvl 50 purples from the makeb commendation vendor, just hit 50. will be getting 66's and augments soon. 24k hp.


if anybody is interested plz tell me about your guild. thank you for your time!


edit: i am usually awake and in game about 4-6 A.M PST and i am available most of the day

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