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Guild Recruitment Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to the Guild Recruitment Forum! This forum serves to provide guilds, and players in search of a guild, an opportunity to find each other and connect.


In addition to the general Rules of Conduct, we have set up some specific guidelines regarding the use of this forum:

  • Rude statements towards other guilds or players will not be tolerated.
  • Ensure your posts are on-topic and appropriate for the thread they are in. Derailing a thread with off-topic or disruptive comments is not allowed.
  • Do not "bump" threads with non-constructive comments. Posts created for the sole purpose of "bumping" a thread to the top of the index will be treated as spam, and will be handled accordingly. For example, please feel free to make posts regarding updates to guild or player recruitment threads, such as a guild's change in leadership, or a player having joined a guild and is no longer looking for one. Posts such as "welcome to our newest member, X" are not considered significant updates, and will be treated as spam.
  • Please ensure posts and threads in this forum are specific to this forum's Server. Do not create "cross-server" recruitment threads.
  • Do not create multiple threads. Each guild or player is allowed one thread in which to recruit or look for a guild. Additional threads will be removed.

Thank you for helping us make the Guild Recruitment forum a constructive, friendly place!

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