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Marauder Class Representative


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if a class rep is about being a good player thats cool. But if it is about helping the community understand the mechanics of a class, the skill tree itself, ability rotation, relic use, apm, efficiency, ect, you cant refute Oofalong's contribution to this. I haven't seen anyone else try to make people better like he has.
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First off, I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words they have expressed toward me in this thread. I strive to have a positive impact on our class and this game, and I would be happy to serve as Class Representative if elected.


Still, the purpose of this post is too focus the conversation on the most important qualities for our Class Representative.


Personally, I feel the most important aspect is clear and effective communication. The questions posed to the development team should be concise and specific. For instance, "why does Annihilation suck in PvP?" is unhelpful. The same concept could be better stated by saying:


Annihilation has a long ramp-up to achieve its maximum damage output. And, it relies on maintaining the Annihilator buff or using Annihilate at least every 15s. Plus, ~40% of its damage comes from DoTs. These are easily removed negating much our the specs damage in PvP. These two factors primarily make this spec inferior to the other available specs for PvP. If the goal is to make this a more viable PvP spec some necessary changes might include:

  • Increasing the duration of the Annihilator buff and/or reducing the rate with which it falls off ie one stack at a time.
  • Making the DoTs unremovable or applying some other adverse event when removed like reducing healing received or slowing the target. (After all, if I was bandaged up after bleeding heavily I might not be so quick to charge back into action :D)

These are ideas the community has come up with. Does the development have any other ideas to make this spec more viable in PvP? Are there plans to introduce any changes to increase the viability? If there is no goal to make this a more viable PvP spec, can you please explain this rationale?


The next most important criteria would be the individual's willingness to listen and receive feedback from other players. Hopefully, the Class Representative will canvas the player base for help writing their questions. People who are unresponsive and unwilling to engage in dialogue will not help the overall community. Since it is unlikely to find someone who will knows every element of each spec as well as each mechanic on each boss fight as well as every tactic for each PvP map, we need someone who can aggregate information from different sources and distill it into actionable insights.


Finally, I think it is useful for the Class Representative to be familiar with the three specs as well as PvE and PvP content. Note, I did not say this person needs to be an expert or the best player you have ever seen. Those are certainly admirable qualities, but I would absolutely prioritize my first two criteria over player skill.


Anyway, just offering my two cents...

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This whole topic is dumb because we are choosing a nominee based on pve and pvp.


From a pvp perspective rage is the highest dmg spec and the ones that need buff/improvements is anni and carnage. Yes i know for some games types like huttball its better to go carnage over rage for all the roots.


But from a pve standpoint Anni is without a doubt the best for sustained dmg while carnage you would use for certain fights where you value burst instead, i dont believe many people use rage for pve.


So for the maurader/sentinel the nominee would have to go to someone who not only knows all 3 specs but also uses them at the highest lvl possible endgame pve/ranked.


Which is why my vote would go to elyvnfrenzy, IGN steadfast(imp)/jawasrevenge(rep). Hes a member of suckafish which is one of the best PVE guilds out there they always compete in all progressions and for world/U.S. first. I dont know if many people know but he used to run with Hey im MVP (one of the best PVP guilds) i think pre 1.7. So you know hes a good candidate both PVE and PVP and very knowledgeable in all 3 specs.

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Find SLevinKelera. The most consistent highest DPS in raid i have seen to date as annihilation, as well one the highest and always on top of the leaderboard PvP Rage marauders i have seen. He actually does both at a very high level. And does it consistently.
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