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Juggernaut Tank LF PVE guild


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we currently could do with another tank and a healer to help us raid more regular, we are not a hardcore raiding group, more of an ambitious social group. Most of the members are 25+, so you got no shortage of banter on comms. If you would like to chat with us, please feel free to add me in game - name Rayllen. I have copied our advert below which should give you a bit more info about us






Appetite for Destruction




Server: The Red Eclipse

Recruitment: Currently recruiting all classes

Raid Schedule: Tues 1900-2200BST, Thurs 1900-2200BST (we also raid other nights as and when people fancy)

Website: http://appetite-for-destruction.enjin.com/

Age Requirements: 21+


We are a recently formed guild merged from two previous guilds. We are looking at adding a couple of new members for our main raiding group, however we are always open for members who are interested in the social aspect of the game. The use of comms is essential as this for us is what a guild is about. We take the game at a casual but steady pace. We believe primarily in having fun, and seeing what the game has to offer.

Our guild is not the fastest to clear new content, but we do get there eventually!

If your interested in talking to us, please feel free to fill out our recruitment form http://appetite-for-destruction.enjin.com/recruitment


Alternatively for more information contact one of the following in game:

Rayllen, Swordy, Myrthie, Redmaul

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Visions is an experienced 8 Man Operations-focused PVE guild in the SWTOR community and we are looking for skilled, dedicated players to join us.


As we complete our 8-man progression we intend to do 16-man operations and would like to find the best players possible to grow within that 16 man group.


We are looking for new Members of all classes, be it as a social member - looking for people to play/chat with while doing dailies/levelling and no requirement to raid, or to bolster our raiding lineup - we would like to eventually get back to 16 Man Operations and or 2 x 8 Man Operations depending which ever offers the most challenge. . Gear level isn't essential if you would like to join as a raider, but the less gearing up we need to do the better!


Check us out at http://torvision.enjin.com, or /w Anúbis, Tagrine, Seerlena or Mystified in game.


We are currently actively recruiting


1 Healer (Operative Ideally )

1 Ranged DPS ( Sniper Ideally )


All Exceptional Applications will be considered.


Progression Update

Kephess the Undying 8 Man Nightmare Killed

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It would be a pleasure to join, if your the guild for me.

Incase your interested my other chars are(on the same server of course):

Sorcerer lvl 50 "bashie" - healer (former main)

Opertative lvl 32 - "Novau" Healer/ (a bit of a pvp char mostly)

23 years old, very social!

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