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Patcher problems with updates


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I'm getting really sick of this now, every single time there's been an update that requires a new 'asset' patching. I have to reinstall the entire game!


The updater simply can't go through with the procedure for some reason and it's the same on both my computers. It downloads the 'asset', then at installation it stops at 9%, i restart the launcher it goes to 20%, this works until 43% (same every single time) at which point the installation freezes until all of a sudden it jumps to 100% and alerts me that something went wrong and that there are a huge amount of files to repair, so i start the repair and it freezes and nothing more happens until i reinstall the entire game from scratch (thus losing all my settings and stuff naturally).


Surely there must be -something- left in BW's budget for game and updater stability so as to fix these things this decade yes?

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