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cross region character transfer


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first of my problem:

I have 5 character:

1 on an American server and

4 on a European server

the character on the American server was for playing with some friends in America.

however they have now all quit so I would like to bring my character over to the European server.



as I can imagine that the transfer of characters and items is something that more people might like I suggest making character transfers available cross region (maybe at a cost of say 1000CC because of the extra load it might cause)

other then the extra load I believe this shouldn't be a problem since most character transfer problems have already been found with the server consolidations within each region.


with friendly regards,


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I have been repeated spamming the SWTOR facebook and twitter pages (yeah i know pointless right) asking for this.


The new update is great, but without cross region transfers im left playing the game on my own as all the people that i used to run with are on a US server while im on an EU one.


Everyone keeps suggesting rolling a lvl 60 on a US server, but with the amount of time i have sent on achievements, datacrons, missions and the like, along with the literal hundreds of pounds i have spent on cartel coins to get me all the perks i want, gear i want, strongholds and all it just isnt feasible to start again.


Whether it be by copy or transfer Bioware/EA just need to make this happen as there are so many people that would be happy to pay the 1800 cartel coins as it was when it all start, just to get their character to a server where their friends are playing.


If you are stuck on a server without your pals, it takes the MM out of MMO

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