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Force Charge/Force Leap and Intercede/Guardian Leap Broken


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These two abilities are currently not working correctly in Huttball. If you leap to any other player with either of the abilities you have like a 1 in 3 chance of actually landing where your target was standing. Sometimes I use the ability and I end up right back where I was. Sometimes I use the ability and I'm 10m away from where the target was standing. These two could be due to lag or other in-game mechanics, but the most annoying problem with these two abilities in Huttball right now is this.... When I use either ability to leap to a target and I fall straight through the ground or the floor... So basically the only thing that makes Juggs/Guardians worth a damn in Huttball is our ability to leap and it currently is not working correctly. Please give us a fix for this and fast, Bioware. It's extremely irritating when I end up in the enemy pit because I used leap on a target (any target) to move the ball forward only to find that I'm falling through the ground....
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