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Manual Operation Groupfinder


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Today, if one is a member of the small growing guild, or just the guild players are not available for ops, a player or a group of players have 3 possibilites: :rak_02:


- spam global chat - it is confusing and annoying - you cannot include much information and it annoys everybody else on fleet

- use group finder - available only for certain ops and unpredictable results (people come to 55lvl ops in green gear for 49 etc.), it is hard to find replacements then

- dont play ops :-)


My suggestion is to create a separate Manual Group Finder window which would contain:

- list of groups LFM with specified what they are going to do and the note (learning run, 162+ gear, from Kephesh)

- list of free people who want to join an ops with specified which of them


So I can come to fleet open this window and see .. ahhh .. 2 groups searching for tank, one starts from Kephesh, that is what i need ! .. whisp to leader and he invites me manually

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