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Underused art assets and a crafting mini-game


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There are a number of attractive art assets that are already in game but which are incredibly underused. A quick suggestion to kill two birds with one stone is in order.


Many non-mod armor and weapons exist with great looking art, but players can't typically use these items through the course of end-game play as they are not modifiable.


Meanwhile, crafting players often bemoan the lack of choices in modifiable armor and the simplicity of the current crafting game.


A crafting mini-game that would allow the collection of crafting schematics for custom armor based on these already in-game art assets would give crafting players more options and another avenue of income.


The design of the mini-game would have to fall to developers more informed on the current abilities and limitations of the game engine, but I envision something along the lines of reverse engineering random chance combined with the use of new crew mission skill rewards and a sort of experimentation system that would allow crafting players to target specific looted item armor and weapon art assets in hopes of proc'ing a custom version of the schematic to be added to their list or possibly sold on the GTN.


For example: Reverse engineering of non-modifiable looted items would have a chance to return a special experimental crafting material appropriate to the crafting skill it would take to craft the item type. Using a special interface, a number of these experimental items could be used in conjunction with a specific item for research into a custom version of that asset. Different types of experimental crafting materials would increase the chance of success in the research with a limited number of the experimental materials allowed to be used in any given research chance. Research would be a crew skill mission and take time, just as any other mission. Research success could also be increased with the use of appropriately skilled crew members.


Crafting of the custom assets could also require use of these experimental materials, ensuring the need for these materials.


While not the kind of complexity some of us remember from the old SWG days, it's an addition to the current crafting system and a chance to add some new crafting schematics into the game without the need of artists to create them.

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