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A player who plays on a ranked team is already using ranked queue option. Because they are playing in a ranked team it automatically makes them use queue group option. Finally I am pretty damn sure that every ranked player has played solo. Therefore the player who plays ranked has used all the options PVP has to offer for warzones. Working as intended.


Players who premade, but have not played ranked. They have used both solo and group queue. Which makes them have used 2 of 3 options. Also working as intended.


Finally a player who solo's everything. You have not grouped up or played rank. So you have used only 1 of the 3 options that SWTOR has allowed you to use. Also working as intended.


All PVPER'S fall into one of these types of players. Every individual has a right to choose how they want to play. Playing solo only puts you at a disadvantage, but like I said it is your decision. Just man up and deal with it because you chose not to play with a group. The game does not choose what category you play in it is you who chooses. So choose wisely.


ps When I lose playing solo I do not blame the other team. I blame our team. It is easy to point fingers, but they are the ones who won not us.

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Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Premades are nothing more and nothing less than a group of people smart enough to play with those whom they know and trust. They have good communication, they have good coordination, they have the perks that a solo queuer doesnt have. In the end, there's nothing wrong. The solo queuers lost, try again next warzone.
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