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User Interface Customization: Movable Buffs/Debuffs


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One of the things I'd absolutely love to move around on my UI is my Buffs/Debuffs. Currently, I can resize them, or put them below or above the HP Bar. What I'd really love to do is put my buffs right above my hotbar, so I can quickly see when things proc. I currently have my HP bar in the top right corner, with my target just next to that. Currently, the buffs and debuffs are anchored to the HP bar. I'd love for a way to de-anchor them.


I know I can watch for procs based on the graphics or sounds that happen around my character. Sometimes, I play with the sound on low if my girlfriend is sleeping, or when I'm looking for procs on my character, I miss them because of all the other graphical effects hitting my character (especially in PvP.)


Movable buffs/debuffs would be a great feature to add.



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