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Pvp valor rewards vendor/world pvp objectives


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I would like to see more added to pvp. That being said, there are new armor sets/ ops that show up in updates every so often for pve objectives. However, nothing new for pvp. I think at the very least, add a valor vendor. This vendor does not have to be stat changing. (just looks) Maybe some cool new color crystals and other items. I would like to see the permafrost and lava style crystal back. And, that could be implemented through valor. Every 10 levels u have some cool things u can purchase. This just adds more content, and moves people to pvp. Long term rewards keep people playing. All valor, is really good for is a title. Don't get me wrong,, titles are fun. However, rewards are important as well. Just wanted to add, ranked games take forever to que. Well, valor is a rank you can work on and be rewarded for also. And, it will work very well.


Ok, how about some world pvp objectives? Lets place new content in the world. A start, would be some chests worth fighting for. That would bring people out. In addition, future objectives- Plant some bases down and other tokens. There is so much that can be done. And, all it will do is bring people back in game. We need to mix pvp up. Right now it's just warzones really. And, only 1 set of armor. While pve is getting all kinds of cool items. You have pve and pvp folks out there. You want to cater to both. If you do this well, it's more people. You also have people that both pvp and pve. So it's nice to have a mix of rewards for both. Lets improve pvp;)

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