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PVP on EMP side on the rec eclipse


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seriously this server is the worst place to be an imp if you like pvp, many tiems have i felt like, just deleting all my imps and restart them as rep im very frikkin tempted to do it now, because the imps are jsut ******* on this server, the reps are constantly more organised, i call inc on emp side get no response, then get flamed when they got hte node/door/pylon rep side i call inc and i get the help i need.



imps fill the resolve bar of the EBC just before they get to the goal line at some point you think to yourself why just why?


seriously imps on the red eclipse server need to wake up and get an idea, so GOOD pvp matches can be played


unless faction transfers come available my imps do not have long left to live and in regards to transfers wont be available due to story and lore well i do not care for any of that crap

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