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Uh... hoods down


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Yeah, I've seen this before in other threads. A lot of them. But it bears repeating so I will repeat it!


Yes, it's nice to be able to hide the head slot, but if you're wearing robes with a hood, the hood comes up. I want to see my character's hairstyle damnit!


I don't even want to see the hood pulled back, just hide it. Add a button to hide the hoods independently of the headpiece, so we can toggle both how we like.


All headpieces hide the hood so it's obvious that every armor has a hood-less model. Let us use them as we like. Please.


ps. I would pay for this in cartel market.

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Yes please I would also love this feature but I kinda like the look of the hood pulled down, not hidden so maybe an option for both either hide or the pull down look






Agreed, hood down would be cool too. I'm just worried they'll shy away from remodeling all the armors :/ :rolleyes: I'll take what I can get.

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