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Need Assassin PVE DPS advice


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Hey, I'm having a hard time deciding what kinds of stat's I need for my class, I'm currently Sith Assassin PvE DPS style of a player utilizing mostly Deception and a few points here and there on the other trees (as I have seen a bunch of videos on which tree is for certain play styles). But what I'm currently struggling is what stats am I aiming for? like how much Accuracy, Power, Surge, Crit, etc. As Endurance and Wilpower aren't a problem for meBecause I've been basically doing a bunch of stuff for Daily's to get basic Coms. I'm not so much of a PVP player but a PVE player, But I also want to do pretty decent in FP's and Ops. Rotations and resource management I'll get with practice but I want advice on like how much Accuracy, Power,Surge, Crit I should have. Any help is appreciate.
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