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Jedi Rule:

Sith are just jerks with emotional problems


We take the game at a casual, but steady pace. We believe in having fun and seeing what the game has to offer. We have a fun and friendly setting, with zero bs and drama. We all have different things we enjoy in the game so not everyone will get along so deal with issues in a mature manner is expected.


Interests: Casual Leveling/PvPing/Raiding[once we hit end game ;)]/Flashpoints

Recruitment Status: All classes and play styles are welcome ;)



If you are interested, please you one of the following:

a. Contact Officer in-game via private message due to they may not be logged in at the time

b. Reply to this thread with your in-game name


Guild Leader









Hàvoç (Me)

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Still in search for new members whether you are f2p or a subscriber it doesn't matter nor does your level matter as long as you do not mind logging in and having fun with guildies :) you are more than welcome to join!
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