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2.2: Sith Assassin Discharge Animation Bugged


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Class: Sith Inquisitor

Advanced Class: Sith Assassin


Abilities Affected: Discharge; Dark Charge

Items Effected: Cartel Market Lightsabers


As of the latest patch, the animation for the Discharge ability is still bugged. When used while Dark Charge is active, the animation only shows for one attacked target, not all targets that take damage as it should normally do.


Also, when a lightsaber from the Cartel Market is equipped, no visual animation is displayed at all when using the Discharge ability while Dark Charge is active, though all attacked enemies still take damage. I have tested this with both the Over-Charged Conqueror's Sabertsaff and the Energized Conqueror's Saberstaff. Both had the same result of never showing the Discharge animation when it is used while Dark Charge is active. This is particularly irksome as these are premium items many people have to spend extra money or Cartel Coins on in order to get.


I am sure that myself and the rest of the Assassin community would greatly appreciate any type of feedback regarding a resolution of this issue.


Thank you very much!

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