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Min/Max for PvP tank?


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Recently finished my partisan set and am pvp tanking for my guild. I am trying to figure out what if any mods/enhancements need to be swapped out of the stock partisan set to min/max it. I am using all endurance augs which I think is the right thing to do as well. Any constructive advice on this would be appreciated.
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Here is the thread you want http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=621033


You are correct in the Augments, use all End/Pow Augs and don't count them as part of your mitigation pool.


From memory full Partisan gives a mitigation pool of roughly 1100 so your aiming for the following stats


598 defense

440 shield

62 Absorb


On top of this use the Conq Shield relic along with your Matrix cube with Defense on it as well http://www.swtor-spy.com/guides/matrix-cube-guide/1047/ (this one Yellow Yellow Yellow = 59 Strength, 68 Endurance, 21 Defense (M7-Y3))..the bolster will fix the loss of Expertise, you'll need to equip the Relic before you can add a Mk-9 Kit to it (this will also update the Relic from lvl 50 to 55, before you equip it it will still tell you it's a lvl 50 and the stats will be down) and then once the Augment is installed you can equip and unequip to your mission items and the Augment stays on.

As for set bonus you want 2 of the War Leader Armourings which give you the extra second on choke and at least 2 of the Vindicator armourings which heal you for 8% when you Intercede so when you leap to your healer or DPS in trouble you're also healing yourself 8%. This way you will get 200k healing on top of your dps and prot stats.


Optiional: If you have PvE armourings ie. Old Rakata set Bonus, then swap out the War Leader armourings entirely, you'll lose the extra 1 second on choke but gain 1 second on Blade turning and 2 seconds on Invincible...more valuable I think. Note: If you choose to use the PvE armourings then you must lose expertise from the mods and enhancments too..if you leave any expertise on any of the parts you replace a PvE armouring on then the bolster will not work. However if you have a full PvE item in there then the bolster will work a intended. Further to this the best bolster uses item lvl 58-61 for level 50s ..anything else will not be bolstered properly.

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