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Training Area of Fleet


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The fleet needs an area on the fleet in which they can go to for dueling. There is a big empty space on the bridge of the Gav. You could remove the stuff in the center of the room and bam, Empty area for Dueling purposes.




I agree.I see lots of ppl get into an argument at the cantina and wanna duke it out,happened a few times to me,I wanted to kick his *** and dared him to pop a legacy travel to outlaws den to issue a proper beat down,he didnt have legacy travel,wouldnt meet me anywhere,so I walk off and he calls ME the coward.If there was dueling on fleet,and he declined,I could call HIM a coward. Id love to see a dueling area at fleet! instead of running laps on a speeder waiting for a WZ,go and watch some duels!

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