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Archon bossfight nerf ?


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So alot of people have a problem with this fight, personally i think its class related, since some classes are AWESOME when it comes to do damage, and heal buuuut i found on my main character (marauder) that if you do not have a good geared healing companion, like i dont have, you wont make it through this fight whatsoever, and i will need to pull some max level good geared guildmates with me to do this, which to be fair, is not cool since it is labeled as a mission and not a heroic mission with 2+ people. The Archon hit me for 20k the only decent try i had on this fight, so i ask you, atleast remove the number of droids or something, because this is way too hard for casual players. (or buff marauders a bit so they dont rely on using a certain companion, when you havent geared it.)
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