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Thank you Bioware!


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I see a lot of negartive threads out there about this appreciation thing that's happening. I would like to say to Bioware, whatever it is, Thank you! Unequivocally Thank you!


I have been subbing to the game since before it launched in Australia, about a month after launch. I bought both the Digital upgrade and then tracked down a CE and I have never felt I have wasted money. I buy a lot of coins from the Cartel Market and I have a awesome amount of fun playing and running about.


So when I heard there was a subscriber appreciation coming, I wanted to say to the game developers, thank you for whatever you send our way. :) I hope this game is around for many years to come, I will continue to play, support and enjoy it as I think it is 'one of' if not 'the' best MMO's out there. I know that last bit will garner some yelling and whinging, but whatever, my opinion is mine, those who don't like it, whatever, why stay?


:) THANKS!!!!! :rak_03::rak_04::rak_04::rak_01::rak_03::cool::)

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