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DO you think Bioware should work on making the Galaxy more fluid

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I was playing a character on tatooine, and I was doing a mission where the Jawas were on the verge of moving out for trade season. This got me thinking, they have been preparing for 1 1/2 years now.


I was think that the game would be a lot more fun, if more stuff moved, and thing changed. So, say on Tatooine, a pack of Jawas stop at various points on the map and sell special goods and parts. And they actually work on a schedual, where they start packing up eventually and get in a Sandcrawler and drive across the surface. (and maybe you can even raid the sandcrawler).


They could also add in things like random meteors, and storms. (I wouldn't be a fan of a Night and Day cycle, however). Or maybe even elementary seasons. Or possible the areas of control on a planet change slightly back and forth as battles on planets continue( I dont mean a lot of moving back and forth, just like, the Empire takes a corridor or two on Nar Shadda, or the Republic takes a Garden on Alderran )


I just think changes like this can really enhance the gaming experience. If things are changing, the world gains a lot more depth, rather than it seeming, almost static.


What do you think, Bioware should work on making the game more fluid? Or do you think Bioware should concentrate resources elsewhere?

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I think, well, I believe that this is a question of the setting, and a question of how MMOs are set up in general.


SWTOR is basically an hack & slay game, only in an Sci-Fi environment.

And it's meant to cater all kinds of gamers - giving things to all of them.


But - it isn't an dynamic game - and most MMOs aren't either.


I didn't play any other MMO before SWTOR except DDO, but I heard of so-called "World Events". Inclusive changing the shape of the world.

SWTOR don't quite have them, the Gree-Event is what's coming as close as possible to that.


If the Jawas were gone - what would be with this quest, then ? Of course they could come back - as a kind of "recurring mini event". But a part of the players just wouldn't be able to meet them while they are away.


There should be much more movement within this world, too. Wandering Tribes of Sandpeople, for example.


But I fear that the Engine just doesn't allow that.

It's so sad.

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