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Min/Maxed Sin tank LF Guild [Transfer]


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Hey there, I'm a current 72 min/maxed high mitigation sin tank without a group. I came from one of the progression teams in harbinger who just a little about ago called it quits. I don't know where I'm going or if I'm going with everyone else who left, but as it is I am a free agent with a whole lot of gear and talent if I can praise myself. I have no problem switching servers if it means finding a raid team that could use a tank for NiM TfB and S&V progression.


This is my current gear, obviously not the exact shell armor or exact placement, but it's the same stats.



I have cleared 5/5 TfB HM 7/7 S&V HM and 1/5 TfB NiM and gotten to the last phase before enrage on DG. I know my stuff.


I can raid any time of the week including nights and early mornings. Hit up here or over PM.

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