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<E Famous> PvP and RWZ


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Hi everybody, our Guild <E Famous> Is recruiting Skilled Republic PvPers. We are not an upcoming guild that has no rated warzone experience. Most of our core members have done hundreds of RWZ on the bastion server and have decided to regroup up here on pot5. We are looking for skilled players that know how to play there class well and work as a team to win warzones. We are not elitist but we do expect our members to be able to put in the work that our current members are already doing. We have some of our DPS members breaking 2000+DPS in warzones and healers breaking 2500+HPS in some of our own personal bests and are looking for players that can be very consistent with there DMG / Heals in warzones. Being vocal is also very important to us , a player that does a ton of damage but doesn't talk / call targets is almost pointless to us. We are a relaxed group that all have played together since around 1.3 some of us even since launch. We are not looking for players that think they are better then everyone else and are not willing to work together to improve as a player and a team. We didn't come here thinking we are going to be the "best" team on server. We came here for some fresh competition and to have fun getting to play all the new teams here. We have a strong core almost ready to do RWZ with out current members but still need to fill a few slots. We are not looking to become a huge pvp guild, we are more looking for a small guild full of around 20-30 more hardcore pvpers. Our guild on the bastion had many members 2k rated but most of us played multiple characters for different comps. If you are interested in having some new people to pvp with and get some fresh RWZ action you can reply to this thread or message an officer in game.


Also on a side note our guild name came from an inside joke one night after a long night of drinks and pvp. If you would like you can also check out some of our players youtube videos to see how some of us play are classes. Thanks for your time hope to play with you soon.


GM: Raideyoh

Officers: Lazylit , Kacarrot , Mywhat



Youtube channels: http://www.youtube.com/themightylit , http://www.youtube.com/Raideyoh

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