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Fix warzone client crash


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9 times out of 10 if I queue with a team for ranked warzones sometime during the warzone my client will crash. I've not had my client crash anywhere else for a long time now. Those seem to have all been fixed by client patches along the way. Queuing for solo or group warzones does not seem to cause the crash. It seems to be only when I queue for ranked. Now if the team queues for ranked and grouped at the same time, my client will still crash inside the grouped warzone. But that only occurs when we queued for ranked. Sometimes instead of a client crash the UI will disappear instead. Using a control-U U fixed this one time. But mostly it does nothing. I sat thru an entire warzone with no UI and had to hide in a corner to not get killed. All I was able to do was move around and watch. Between the client crash and the UI disappearing I am unable to queue for ranked warzones. Not that I love warzones, just that it takes the little bit of fun in it out. And just to say one more time, the client crash and UI disappearing only occurs when I queue for ranked warzones. It does not occur in any PVE content and does not occur in solo or grouped PVP content.
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