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Republic Summit


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Remnants are usually online in the evenings of EST, all day errday.

If you would like a list of leaders http://remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/8546-guild-leadership-roster-departments/ has em all (The Elder Council is our "community" leaders all of which play TOR as well. Then there's a TOR leader Mr. Awesome aka Shepherd and the officers of each of our departments who would prolly be interested.)

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Tave will be able to make it anytime preferably it would be during the weekdays in the evening and our leadership will show up is there a limit on how many representatives you want to have come at a single time?
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To be clear, you mean July 28, yes? I think I can make that but most of the responses so far have tended toward later than that in the evening, and that a weekday might be better. Edited by Aydrien
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My apologies everyone, I have been out of town. I am happy to see so much interest in this. Together we will make this game what we want it to be!


Thank you all for setting a specific time. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this weekend because my brother will be in town. We will still have at least one person from Alpha Company though.


I suggest each guild come with a VERY specific agenda. We should keep this simple ie. each guild asking only 1 or 2 questions they want answered from the other Jung Ma Republic guilds. I also suggest the representatives nominate a moderator - someone with a calm demeanor who can keep people on track... so no one from Alpha Company.


Some possible questions we might want answered (I'm sure you all can think of much better questions as well):


-How often do we want to engage in WPVP

-Nominate frequent patrol zones

-Establish alliance networks, communication avenues and rules regarding assistance

-each guilds' capabilities - numbers, playtimes, battlefield roles etc. (normally I would say this needs to be OPSEC but in the interest of increasing wpvp on this server - might as well make it public.)


All guilds should be taking personal notes from the meeting to share with their guilds. We also might want to nominate someone to create a summary of the discussion to post for the rest of the community - including imperials to see.


I hope this goes well. We should really commit to doing this and giving it a good effort. Good luck everyone. I will be able to attend the next meeting if this goes well.

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DATE: July 28, 5PM PST, 8PM EST

LOCATION: RAIDCALL (VOIP tool - http://www.raidcall.com/v7/download-raidcall.html) Send in game mail to Saam (NExu Company for information.


(PLEASE RSVP to using INGAME MAIL, and you will get a response with RAIDCALL information)


LOCATION: Coruscant - Senate Tower, 2nd Floor (-1017, 1476)


Ideally two member representatives could attend from any one guild, GMs and / or Officers are preferred.




  • Introductions
  • Round table discussion of each Guild represented - Each guild would get 5min to showcase their RP for all in attendance to get to know them.
  • Cross Faction RP Open Discussion
  • Inter Guild RP Open Discussion
  • Agenda for next Meeting
  • Set next meeting Date


We would love to see all the Republic RP guilds on Jung Ma show up and participate. This is a good will attempt at pulling our community awareness up to help us grow.




Augrym Jeade'en

Praxium GM

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Republic Cooperative of Guilds (aka RCOG/RepublicDefense) had a meeting of guilds (open to the public) for all those interested in the state of affairs regarding World PvP. Patch 1.2 made the cooperative irrelevant (due to an all around loss of patriotism to one faction or the other) and it folded soon thereafter.
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I was a part of that and recall it rather well. Perhaps the core lost patriotism to a faction but this is simply one of the parts this meeting will consist of. There are several guilds here that are Republic focused only and that is where the core should be built from. I'll keep this in mind for the Agenda when we all gather. Just remember that while WPvP is part of this meeting, it is not the only reason we're all coming. :)
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Hey guys,


Some RL stuff came up, I wont be able to attend. I'm sure you can get along without me. Just a suggestion but someone should take notes of any good ideas, actions we want to take and the next meeting.






Edited by Augrym
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